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Tannin Floor

Tannin Floor


Product Description

The Tannin Floor lamp was born from experiments dissecting and replicating vintage lamps, resulting in a perfect pairing of maturity and contemporary design. The lamp is made from sustainable woods that are naturally warm in tone, whilst the base is a contrasting concrete, grounding the design in strength and stability. The Tannin Floor Lamp has been created with a simple, soft rotation and the shade can sit at different levels on the stand, making this piece as diverse and highly functional as it is attractive. 



Height 115cm

Base 21cm


About Lumo 

Lumo combines contemporary silhouettes with reclaimed and found natural materials, resulting in conscious designs that fit effortlessly in any space. 

We work with materials such as hardwood and metal, producing lights that merge contemporary silhouettes with warm tones and earthy textures. Our lights are made by hand in Bristol UK and are available to purchase through our website, from select stockists, and in bespoke, small and medium runs. 

Lumo aims to enhance not only the interior space but the mood of those within it.


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